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Clock Vault: Hide Apps, Photos and Videos Securely. Best Secret Vault App

🔒 Hide, protect and secure everything on your phone with one of the best secret clock vaults with Clock Vault : Secret Photo Video Locker. Easily cloak and add another level of bank grade protection on your private and secure data, pictures and videos on your phone.

This time/clock vault is a secret locker, a secure vault for your phone, an app that takes security on your phone to the next level. Keep your photos, videos gallery, and apps secure from prying eyes.

It is a clock plus vault, which is actually a powerful, secure vault using which you can hide photos, hide videos, lock a photo or video inside a disguised clock.

Your data and files can only be accessed through a powerful password that only you know and no one else.

This 🕒 secret clock vault is a simple clock/time app to normal eyes but is actually a bank-level secure clock lock plus vault to hide and protect your photos and videos.

Clock Vault : Secret Photo Video Locker adds an extra layer of security to your private photos, videos, and apps to keep them secure.

If an unknown person gets access to your phone, even then they will be clueless trying to find your private photos or videos locked safely inside your vault which comes with multiple layers of protection.

With this amazing time vault/secret clock cloaker app you have an app similar to what various security agencies around the world might be using to hide their confidential information in a Photo, video vault that looks like a simple app like a clock but is actually a private, secure vault.

Hide your private photos, important documents, secret albums, private videos behind this super secure clock vault app. Your photo albums, pictures, videos, and apps now become secret albums, secret pictures, secret videos, and secret apps, which nobody can access but only you.

How Clock Vault Works:

✔️ Install the Clock Vault : Secret Photo Video Locker app from the play store

✔️ Set time on the clock as your secret password, just enter it twice

✔️ Set the password to access your vault

✔️ Confirm Password

✔️ Set Security Question To Recover Password If You Forget

✔️ Give necessary permission to access Photo Gallery, Video Gallery, and Apps

✔️ Done

✔️ To unlock your data simply tap at the center of the clock and enter the Time you set as password.

Top Features of Clock Vault : Secret Photo Video Locker

🔒 Gallery Vault Lock: Clock Vault auto-discovers photos, videos, and apps on your phone.

🔒 Privacy Lock: Gallery lock and vault auto hides photos and videos on the phone

🔒 Clock Vault: Secretly Disguised as a clock app on the phone

🔒 Easy sorting and arranging mechanism for managing your private photos, videos, and apps in-app.

🔒 In-built private image viewer, gallery, and private video player.

🔒 In-built Clock Vault Private browser to privately and safely browse websites

🔒Security: Through use of the best mobile security protocol, this secret clock encrypts your data and adds another strong security layer to keep it hidden from naked eyes.

In case you forget your password, you can easily recover it by using the recovery email you provided while setting up the password for the Clock Vault : Secret Photo Video Locker app.

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If you spot any bugs or have any new feature requests, reach out to us using the email mentioned on the play store.

Don’t forget to share the app with your friends who might like it and find it useful.

In case of support reach out to Clock Vault : Secret Photo Video Locker team using the email mentioned on the play store.


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