Caller name anouncer Apk download

It announce caller name, sms sender name, read message & has color call screen

Caller Name Announcer 2020-Sms Talker & Color Call app is the best and powerful tool. It informs you of incoming call and sms. Very instant you receive a call it announce caller name and number. It keeps you informed in times when you are limited to check your smart device. When you receive a text message Caller Name & SMS Announcer speak sms sender name and read sms for you. With Text to speech engine it voice broadcast incoming caller name. It helps you manage your time effectively in your busy schedule. Caller name announcer for whatsapp also provides its services for whatsapp incoming call and sms.

Caller Name Announcer is Hands-free calling app. Incoming Caller Name Announcer & Speaker allows you to ‘enable or disable’ announcer function as you like. Mobile auto responder in Caller Name Announcer 2020-Sms Talker & Color Call app helps you know which incoming call needs urgent reply. Caller Name Announcer & SMS Talker is best app for elderly people.

Caller name announcer:

Caller Name Announcer 2020-Sms Talker & Color Call app enables user to listen to who is calling.

Caller Name Announcer keeps your Hands-Free. It’s connected to the caller ID function database. If the incoming caller is in your contact list, the caller name announcer will speak its name, otherwise it will say ‘Unknown’. You can set a custom ringtone as a caller tune. Caller Name Announcer and Talker is the best tool for visually impaired & elderly people. Caller Name Announcer 2020 can make their life easy. Smart announcer app will tell them the Caller Name & SMS Announcer will read message for them.

SMS talker:

SMS talker reads out message aloud to know its contents. This way being handsfree you can know the message that has been sent to you. When an SMS talker read message you can filter if it needs an immediate response. Whereas, message announcer for whatsapp informs you of whatsapp sms sender name and read sms for you.


Battery Voice Alert:

Announcer for whatsapp app has a battery voice alert which gives you battery notification. Battery notifier keeps you informed about the amount of battery left in your cell phone. Battery notifier gives you a reminder of the battery level, so that you can charge your cell phone before it dies.

Features of Caller Name Announcer 2020-Sms Talker & Color Call

Caller name announcer: Caller name talker will speak whos calling

SMS Sender Name: Message announcer voice broadcast sms sender name

SMS Talker: Sms speaker, read message contents for user

Announcer for whatsapp: It’s also a Caller and message announcer for whatsapp

Color Call Screen: Call screen themes 2020 offers multiple color call themes

Battery notifier: Gives Battery notification informing about the battery level

Ringtone : You can set caller name speaker ringtone

How to use Caller Name Announcer 2020-Sms Talker & Color Call:


● Enable or disable announce caller name function

● Enable or disable SMS sender name announcer & message announcer

● You may set name announcer for whatsapp on vibratory mode or silent mode

● You can select the repetition number for announcement of sms or call notification

● Custom select time delay in between announcements of Caller Name Speaker

● Caller Name Talker enables to choose different languages

● Custom select ringtone of Caller Name Announcer & SMS Talker

● Battery notifier keeps you updated with battery charge level

● Caller Screen Changer allows you to choose any Color call flash screen


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